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Property Equitable Distribution


At the end of a marriage, many significant issues must be resolved: Who gets the car, or, Who gets the house; Who is responsible for the payments, and What about the debts? All of these issues are part of property distribution, which must be resolved in each case, whether by agreement, or by court order.

The law office of Jon S. Rosenberg has provided sound and reliable advice in property matters related to family law cases, to literally thousands of clients over the years. Our valuable and trial-tested experience, and familiarity with the ever-changing law, can help you achieve a fair and favorable result.

Florida law requires that all marital property be equitably divided between the parties. What does this mean? Generally, this means all items acquired as a result of marital efforts during the marriage, should be divided equally.

What property is subject to equitable distribution? “Property” includes bank accounts, investments, automobiles, furniture and furnishings, jewelry, homes and other items of real estate, as well as businesses owned or operated by one or both parties.

Our office has had many years’ experience in understanding and processing equitable distribution claims in divorces, including the numerous complex issues which usually are part of those cases. These have included utilization of experts in valuing real property, personal property, and even businesses. We can help you understand the process, and advise you.

Often, non-marital assets remain the property of that person bringing those items to the marriage.

Understanding the distinction between a non-marital property and a marital property, can make the difference between your case being fairly, or unfairly resolved, and a result which will be disappointing. Did you know that appreciation, i.e., adding value to a non-marital property, creates marital property?

Understanding your rights in this often complex area, is critically important to receiving a fair result, whether that result is through settlement, through mediation, or contested proceedings decided by the court.

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