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Establishment of legal paternity is a specialty area in the practice of Family Law. The office of Jon S. Rosenberg, fully understands the importance of establishing legal paternity. We have the experience and the understanding of the needs of both parents, and we can assist in such matters.

Establishing the true and legal paternity of a child is crucial, to ensure that proper custody and support orders are created. Paternity can and should be determined, if necessary, with available testing procedures. This can protect you from a false claim of paternity; it can also prove your claim of paternity.

We can discuss with you available procedures which will provide you with the secure knowledge, that the true father is declared the legal father of the child. Without a legal declaration in a final judgment of paternity, there can be no such assurance.

Until paternity is established, the father really has no legal rights. A final judgment of paternity will ultimately be necessary. We can help you with the legal assistance necessary to achieve that goal, establishing not only your legal rights, but assist you in establishing a fair and appropriate level of support for the child.

Fathers should understand they have significant rights regarding their children. These include the ability to co-parent with the mother, and to be a wonderful and loving influence on the child throughout the child’s lifetime. This can include shared parental responsibility, and made available to the father all legal rights available under Florida law.

Children need to know who their parents are. A mother needs to know that she will be receiving appropriate child support, even from a time before when the case might be filed. Security for that child support can also be established.

Contact us regarding your paternity law questions at the office of Jon S. Rosenberg today, in order for us to help you with these complex issues. Family law matters are ever changing; you need an experienced lawyer, well-versed in this area of law.

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