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Marital Settlement Agreements, Prenuptial, and Post-Nuptial Agreements


Many people experiencing marital difficulties are able to amicably and inexpensively resolve the issues surrounding their case. Whether those issues involve children, and the parties’ rights and obligations with regard to the children, or complex property issues, the law offices of Jon S. Rosenberg can provide experienced guidance. In those cases where settlements cannot be accomplished, having the advantage of a highly experienced family law trial attorney on your side, is critical in protecting your rights.

Many people planning to marry, or even after they are married, seek to avoid future conflicts, and enter into Prenuptial Agreements, and Post-Nuptial Agreements.

A Prenuptial Agreement is entered into in contemplation of an upcoming marriage. These agreements, if properly prepared, are fully enforceable, and protect the interests of both parties. Understanding the obligations and necessary requirements for a Prenuptial Agreement to be valid, and thus upheld by a court, is critically important when contemplating entering into a Prenuptial Agreement.

Similarly, people with intact marriages, may wish to settle disputes between them so that they can concentrate on keeping their marriage healthy. Or, for reasons relating to estate planning, or protecting children of prior marriages, in such circumstances, Post-Nuptial Agreements are favorable. These, too, require pre-planning and careful understanding before entering into the agreement. If entered into properly, they will protect the parties’ interests.

The law office of Jon S. Rosenberg has significant experience in preparing Marital Settlement Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements, and Post- Nuptial Agreements.

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